Introducing our newest team member, Bella!

I have been avoiding writing this post for a while now... But since I leave to move overseas in a little over a month, I guess I should quit putting it off. I have had lots of people asking questions about what I will be doing in Chiang Mai and of my involvement in The Sweet Society Apparel. So, I would love to share my plans for this trip with you all as well as how it all came about!

When I was 15, I attended one of Hillsong’s Colour Conferences where I, along with thousands of other women were shown a film about human and sex trafficking. This was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing and I vividly remember feeling so broken and moved by this reality. I knew that I needed to do something… but what?

Seven years later, I met my friend Emily and we discovered that we both had the same heart for the victims of human trafficking and a longing to do something about it. Like Em, I have a great interest in fashion and believe it has enormous potential to be used as a platform to create positive change in the world. So often the fashion industry is known for the ways in which it tears others down and exploits both men and women… I know from personal experience, the ways in which fashion and the media surrounding it can create insecurities and doubts about identity, particularly in women. Not only that, but many are taken advantage of in the production of clothing. It would seem that fashion has a way of hurting people on all fronts… So is it possible, that we can use it as a platform to create awareness and positive change? I think so!

To cut to the point, I feel like I have been called in some way to minister to and empower women whose lives have been affected and to a great extent, destroyed by the atrocity of human trafficking. My heart for these women is that they would not only be rescued physically and empowered within their society, but also shown the love of God and their worth as women. I believe this is a message that is so significant and life altering that must be shared not only with these women, but all women. My hope is that we can in some way help women to grasp this not only in Chiang Mai, Thailand but also all over the world.

Hello Chiang Mai!

YOLO right?