Fearless Love

As Valentines Day has been fast approaching, us girls at Sweet Society have been thinking a lot about love. But not just in the way of red roses, stuffed baby bears (seriously, who came up with that concept in the first place??), or heart shaped, ganache-filled chocolates. While all of these things are good and admittedly delicious, we want to know why V Day is a holiday that is celebrated and what real love looks like. Our goal at Sweet Society is not only to love fearlessly but to also know that we are fearlessly loved by God and be able to share that with those who the world says are unlovable.

In looking a little bit closer at this holiday and what love means to people in general, I thought it would be a good idea to identify how our society views love. After digging through various articles, blogs and the many wonders of the World Wide Web, it is evident that today, in the western world anyway, love is revered and even glorified. We make movies about it (hello Titanic), write songs about it (hello Taylor Swift) and it seems that most of us are searching for it (hello Tinder… just kidding). Even though love is a commonly sought after experience, it is so often falsely represented and found in the wrong places. The notion of love can be used falsely to manipulate, control and cause guilt. This is where I think fearless love differs to the love portrayed in our society and popular culture.

Fearless love is not just about the way another person can make you feel, but is instead, a choice, a commitment. Fearless love takes strength, respect and vulnerability. You see, love is not self sufficient, it’s not something we can simply find and use, but it calls us to roll up our sleeves and be willing to getting our hands dirty in order for it to flourish.

In one particular article I read in Relevant Magazine, Jonathan Lumbard expresses that the more he journeys to understand love, the more he continues to run into God, and the more he journeys to understand God, he continually runs into love. I find Jonathan’s realisation pivotal in defining fearless love. It is undeniable that we are only able to love another because of the unrelenting love of God, the perfect love that casts out fear and calls us to love others. This is without a doubt what we are seeking to do at Sweet Society. We are hungry to share the love we have experienced, as we simply love those hurt by the sex industry and human trafficking. This is not something that will magically cure or heal the brokenness caused by these issues, but it is a start and coupled with equipping these young women and offering practical skills, this fearless love we seek to spread will hopefully provoke restoration and courage.

So not just today on Valentines Day, but every day, can we encourage you to try and live a life of fearless love. Choose daily to live a life that seeks the fearless love that demands respect and practices vulnerability. We are designed to live a life that pursues the fearless love that strengthens us and fills us to overflowing so we can be poured out to love others.

Isobella Thompson

Faithful Love

Real Love