Faithful Love

I’m not much of a writer, but this was put on my heart tonight as I was praying and I felt urged to share it.
Today we hit the 1-month mark since moving to Chiang Mai. I don’t want to sugar coat anything, I’d much prefer to be real and say that it hasn’t at all been an easy month. I’ve been hit with multiple medical problems from the weeks leading up to the move, and the 4 weeks we’ve been here. 
I reached a point today where I actually wanted to jump on the next plane home. I’d just had enough. I was physically tired, mentally tired, my body was aching and overall I just felt really discouraged.

 I climbed into bed and instead of laying there feeling sorry for myself, I opened my bible. I randomly opened to Romans 4, this is what it said.

“When everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway, deciding to live not on the basis of what he saw he couldn’t do but on what God said he would do. And so he was made father of a multitude of peoples. God himself said to him, “You’re going to have a big family, Abraham!”

Abraham didn’t focus on his own impotence and say, “It’s hopeless. This hundred-year-old body could never father a child.” Nor did he survey Sarah’s decades of infertility and give up. He didn’t tiptoe around God’s promise asking cautiously sceptical questions. He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God, sure that God would make good on what he had said. That’s why it is said, “Abraham was declared fit before God by trusting God to set him right.” But it’s not just Abraham; it’s also us! The same thing gets said about us when we embrace and believe the One who brought Jesus to life when the conditions were equally hopeless. The sacrificed Jesus made us fit for God, set us right with God.”

These verses brought me to tears. It was exactly what I needed to hear. And I really felt like this wasn’t just a message for me, but for many.

 Reading on, it says in Romans 5:3, “There’s more to come: We continue to shout our praise even when we’re hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next. In alert expectancy such as this, we’re never left feeling short-changed. Quite the contrary—we can’t round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives.”

I could go on and on about what these verses mean to me, and list story after story of how God has come through on his word time after time. But I feel like I should keep it simple.

He is faithful. You've got this.



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