The last 4 months...

I'm sitting in a cafe in Chiang Mai, thinking about the last 4 months...

 I realized I haven't shared much about things I've actually been doing here, so I thought I would write a little bit about that.

A couple of months ago I travelled to a city called Pattaya, which is one of the biggest hot spots in Thailand for Human Trafficking.

Immediately after stepping off the plane, I felt a great sense of heaviness. It felt like a really slimy, horrible place to be.

The first night there, we went down the main walking street in the city. It was incredibly eye opening.

I feel that I've been exposed to a bit of this industry during my teenage years living in Thailand, but this was beyond anything I had ever seen. It was the dirtiest, darkest place I had ever been in. My heart broke for the girls standing in the street. I just wanted to grab them all and get them out of there!

There were men standing outside each bar, with menus of different girls, and really graphic images that they would shove in your face.

I can't really put into words my experience that night, but I didn't sleep. It was confirmation for me that I wanted to dedicate my life fighting for these girls.


Over these last few months, I've met and worked with a lot of people already working in Anti Trafficking and have been trying to learn as much as I can from them. It's really important to me that Sweet Society has a very strong, sturdy foundation. This isn't something I want to naively jump into. I want it to be effective.

There are different areas you can work with in the fight against Human Trafficking, Awareness, Protection, Prevention, and Restoration. My heart is for awareness and restoration.

Sweet Society is working towards an education program to teach these women fashion skills so they can start a new life, regardless of their past. 

Something I've learned since being here is how incredible it feels to not just have a dream, but to take that scary leap of faith and chase that dream.

With this realization, I would also like to work with these women who have business ideas, or dreams they want to chase, and help them through that process of giving it their all and going for it.

I believe that regardless of what these girls have been through, they are incredibly loved, precious, and have an important purpose on this earth.


I find it very hard to put my experiences here down to paper, luckily I'm coming back to Sydney next week for about 6 weeks! I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone, eating a lot of avocado, breathing fresh air, drinking good coffee, and not being constantly sweaty!


I'll leave it at that for now,


Em x

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