I've been back in Sydney for around 2 months now, and there have been a couple of developments with Sweet Society.

Since being home, I've met some people working in the anti-trafficking industry here, and I've learned that human trafficking is actually a problem in Australia, and not much at all is being done about it.
There are roughly 4,300 victims here, and only 1 safe house, run by the Salvation Army. There has been a 57% increase in the last 5 years. We're very under resourced.
This has pulled at my heart strings and after a lot of thinking and praying, I've decided to base Sweet Society here in Sydney.

I've been asking around about what the needs are in Australia regarding human trafficking, as I thought it would look a little different to the needs in Thailand. But it turns out it's very much the same. These women need training. They need something to put on their resume to give them a fresh start.
So our goal is to start a survivor school to train these women in creative subjects like design, sewing, pattern making, art, fashion business, and entrepreneurship. We will also create job opportunities through the clothing line, and use our contacts to offer internships and jobs in other parts of the industry.

We will also be running a brothel ministry here in Sydney, with a heart to basically love girls in the local brothels, by bringing supplies and being a friend to them.
80% of the women in Sydney brothels are Thai and unable to speak much English, so I'm brushing up on my Thai language, and am hoping to make some sort of impact there.

Lastly, we are looking to run a program for high school students, teaching on the reality and dangers of Human Trafficking, how to stay safe, and how porn and prostitution is actually creating a demand for the human trafficking industry.

I love Thailand, and definitely don't think I'm finished there. Once Sweet Society is properly up and running, I want to take teams over there... But I need to take baby steps.

This hasn't been an easy decision, but I have a lot of peace about it, and I'm excited for this next season!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me on

Em x

April 2013

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